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Conference starts today

The conference starts this morning.  It is located at the Saskatoon Inn.  You can find the schedule in our brochure or check the schedule page for more details.  The conference is a free will donation.  Costs are covered by generous donations by those that attend.  You can check out regular […]

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Announcing a Fall Conference in 2017

For some time I have personally researched the history of the church and the Bible and have found it challenging and exciting with so much confusion and misrepresentation being taught in the colleges and churches that maybe we bring forth the facts that a lot of problems in the churches […]

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12th Annual Conference Announcement

We are pleased to share with you the details of the 12th Annual Discerning the Times Bible Conference.  Our speakers for the conference in 2017 will be Roger Oakland (Understand the Times), David Hocking (Hope for Today), Doug Stauffer (Key of Knowledge Ministries), Don Perkins (According to Prophecy Ministries).  For […]

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