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2017 Fall Brochure

We are pleased to reveal the Fall Conference brochure for 2017.  You can download it here. If you want to find out the schedule, location or other details of the conference then please check out the brochure for the most up-to-date information.  If you need more information please contact the […]

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2016 Conference Material

We have some information to share with you.  Here is the 2016 Poster, Brochure and Informational Letter.  The poster has been updated from what was previously posted and the previous link removed.  The brochure contains the conference schedule.  If you have any issues using the material please use the contact […]

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2015 Brochure and Revised Poster

We are pleased to present the 2015 Brochure which includes the Conference schedule.  We also have a revised 2015 Poster, with the final set of speakers.  If you have any questions regarding the Conference please visit our Contact Us section of the webpage and send in your question.  We are […]

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