For some time I have personally researched the history of the church and the Bible and have found it challenging and exciting with so much confusion and misrepresentation being taught in the colleges and churches that maybe we bring forth the facts that a lot of problems in the churches are a direct result of this.

Various people have talked about this but it seems that the subject has been avoided.

I have researched and talked to various scholars and researchers and finally selected what I believe is the best ministries of today that deal directly with the issues.

Because our spring conference deals with a pretrib. bible prophecy and everyday issues it might be best to not change the roots of the conference. The subject matter would take up the bulk of the conference so let’s have another conference and deal with the subject matter.

The Heritage Inn has been booked and they have a seating capacity of 175-200.

This will be a 1 ½ day conference with 3 speakers who will have 3 messages each then after supper each night one will moderate the other two and then the floor will be open for questions and answers for all those attending to participate.

David Daniels – Chick Publications
Chris Pinto – Adullam Films
Dr. David Brown – Pastor First Baptist church

These gentlemen are all scholars, researchers and knowledgeable in this field with facts to deal with the issues to be discussed. The information is/will be posted on our web site and Lord willing by the time of our spring conference I will have the agenda and information needed for you to decide if it is of interest to you.

Ted Goodnough

Please click here to download the announcement in PDF form.