12th Annual Conference Announcement

We are pleased to share with you the details of the 12th Annual Discerning the Times Bible Conference.  Our speakers for the conference in 2017 will be Roger Oakland (Understand the Times), David Hocking (Hope for Today), Doug Stauffer (Key of Knowledge Ministries), Don Perkins (According to Prophecy Ministries).  For more information please read the letter by clicking here.

Looking ahead

The 2016 Conference has passed and we want to thank you all for your generous support, in your prayers and time.  Through God’s grace we were able to raise enough to cover all conference expenses.  Looking ahead we will have more details about the next conference and before the end of the year you should see a new website design as well that should hopefully make things easier to navigate.  We hope to see you next year unless the Lord should come before then and as always keep praying.

Day 1 Done, Day 2 About to Begin

Day one of the 2016 Conference is completed and Day two is about to begin.  The conference is freewill donation.  We don’t pass a plate for donation.  If the Lord lays on your heart to give just stop by the registration table and pick up an envelope.

There are many good learning and teaching materials available at the tables including an order form to secure your copy of the 2016 conference either on DVD or USB.

There won’t be a Q&A session but feel free to ask questions.  Part of the great thing about the conference is the fellowship we enjoy and the building up the saints.

Please pray that the Lord would continue His work at the conference, giving wisdom and grace to the conference organizers as they seek to serve Him.

Creation Science of Saskatchewan Event

Creation Science of Saskatchewan will be having an event on Friday and Saturday, August 23rd – 24th at Aden Bowman Colliagiate @ 1904 Clarence Ave.  Speaker is Dr. Randy Guliuzza.  More information can be found at their website including a link to their poster.  The event is regarding “Does science support creation or evolution?”.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone that attended this year’s conference.  The conference would not be possible without your support.  The audio and video material should be available within the next two weeks.